Udaya College of Arts and Science

Kanyakumari District,Tamilnadu

Students Centric Activities

As the back bone of educational system is faculty and student centric. It is a duty of every institute to ensure appropriate standards for Teaching and Learning Process. As a part of this process the students are motivated to match their standards to the industrial and societal needs. While the institute puts the students to higher degree of learning through this approach of beyond the text book and the students are guided by providing full freedom to develop the capabilities and qualities in handling several activities.

The student centre is an integral part of college life that provides services and amenities that campus members need in their daily life. Serving the important role as the campus’s community centre, a student centre basically represents how the college treats and regards its students. A student centre should be understood as a community centre at its best, reflecting the range of programs, activities, services and accomplishments available on campus.

In our campus in general Student Development and Activities such as Food service, Student Health Service, and Student Counseling Service takes place. The facility should become a major attractor to current and potential students, staff, faculty, alumni and community supporters.

  • 1.Sizeable programming space, with a commuter lounge and study areas for students.
  • 2.An environment for the enhancement of leadership resources and opportunities for students.
  • 3.Increase of the storage capacity and additional staff offices for programming and leadership programs.
  • 4.Provide meeting and conference space for large and small group functions and events.

Udaya Arts College

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